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Learn Kali, Jeet Kun Do And More With Adult Martial Arts Classes

Hoping to learn a number of martial arts disciplines in Witham or simply master just one? You won't find anything better than our Adult Martial Arts Classes at Laurence Sandum's Black Belt Martial Arts Academy. Let our award-winning instructors take your skills to the next level. 

Using high-energy workouts and friendly but competitive sparring and grappling, our adult classes are the absolute best way to burn calories, burn lean muscle and learn vital defense skills all at once.

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Unlike many gyms, our instructors take care to teach the history and intricacies of every art we offer. With our Adult Martial Arts Classes, you'll learn how to perform each move and why you'd want to perform it in the first place.

Classes featured at Laurence Sandum's include:

Filipino Martial Arts (Kali): Combines both weaponry and empty hand techniques. This is achieved by the emphasis placed on the body torque needed to manipulate the various weapons used, these movements can then be translated into empty hand movements. Weapons taught include single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, single dagger, double dagger.

Jeet Kune Do: Credited as the art of Bruce Lee, Jeet Kune Do trains the individual to be capable at all ranges of combat, whether that be in kicking range, punching range, trapping (in-fighting) range or indeed grappling. Jeet Kune Do is an approach to the arts and to life, governed by a set of concepts such as economy of motion and directness. 

Mixed Martial Arts: Our carefully constructed programme blends the best techniques, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sombo, Judo, Muay Thai and Kickboxing. The class is great fun, including stand-up, clinch work and takedowns, groundwork and conditioning.

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We excited to help you find your favorite discipline in the martial arts while also pushing your body to exceed goals you never thought possible. For more information on our Adult Martial Arts Classed in Witham, simply fill out the form on the right side of your screen!

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